A few years ago I came across these words by Katherinecenter.com. I wrote them down because I have 2 daughters and I thought one day I would tell them this…


You are a miracle

And I have to love you this fiercely

So that you can feel it

Even after you leave for school or

even whilst you are asleep or

even after your childhood becomes another name.

You’ll forget all this when you grow up.

But it’s O.K

Being a mother means having your heart broken

and it means loving and losing and falling apart and coming back together

And it’s the best there is

And also sometimes the worst.

Sometimes you won’t have anyone to talk to

Sometimes you’ll wonder if you’ve forgotten who you are

But you must always remember this

What you are doing MATTERS!

And you have to be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs

The truth is….

Being a woman is a gift

Tenderness is a gift

Intamacy is a gift

and nurturing the good in this world is nothing short of a privelage

That’s why I have to love you this way

So I can give what I have to you

So that you can carry it in your body and pass it on.

I’ve watched you sleep

I’ve kissed you a million times

and I know something that you don’t yet…..

You are writing this story of your only life

every single minute of every day

And my greatest hope for you sweet child

Is that I can teach you how to write a good one!


On Friday, I will be posting a drawing of one of my daughters when she was approximately 2 years old. I loved drawing it and the inspiration and technique came from another admired artist. Come back Friday, take a look at my drawing and be motivated by yet another wonderful artist.


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