The Transformative Power of Change

Innocence, Wisdom,Regeneration

I understand that embracing change promotes growth: emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Taking a grasp on growth minded thinking allows us to open up to possibilities that enhance us as individuals no matter where we are in life.

Change can be hard….sometimes gruelling and uninviting. Its difficulty could put us off the scent of a good challenge. Like a dog on the bone…we must push through the difficulty and reap the satisfying rewards. Difficulty can come in many forms and guises.Strong emotions, failure, words like “I can’t …..” procrastination, fear of…..and so on.

I have found challenges to be wonderful stepping stones to personal success. When we move from a place of innocence to wisdom we can always regenerate, rejuvenate and re-invent ourselves.

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily.Not to dare is to lose oneself…

When a seed is planted in soft, nurtured soil, it sprouts life by pushing through the darkness towards the sunlight. One day, strong winds will blow, tossing the plant backwards and forwards. Despite the force of nature, the plant survives. It continues to grow, only stronger now due to it’s previous (environmental) challenges. The roots are deeper and the stem is stronger….it is sturdy, yet flexible. It has accustomed itself to its new innocence, awaiting the light but expecting a change in weather at any given moment. It will adjust and it will grow.

How do we take courage?

1- ACTION-just do it! Motivation leads to hard work. Hard work leads to coping.

2-IMAGINE-visualise with all your senses a positive outcome of the chosen challenge.

3-RATIONAL THINKING- Whilst coping with the hard work, remember to remind yourself of what you are doing….I have courage….I am taking risks and keep using your mind as a simulator. See yourself  evolving and succeeding.

Focus on journey and destination…

Let us be grateful for the cycles that allow us to grow, change and flourish for fortune awaits those that are willing to be Bold, Brave and Innocent in the face of Love.

Let us be humble in our successes big or small and let us teach others if you know how.

I hope todays message inspires you to take on challenges that deep down you know will enrich your soul…..Do it…imagine it and know that everything will be alright.

Big Smiles

Wendy x0x



Symbols and art


I love the use of symbols in art. A picture that tells a story. I work a lot in a handmade mixed media journal, one that I have made with love and consideration. Often, I want to write down the words that help me decipher my own emotions but end up telling the story in my artwork. Often symbols will come to me, and in this case the origami crane was dominant in my mind, so I went with it. My art has a mind of its own and its at this point that I let it dominate and surrender to it.


Once I have finished a piece of art completely, I take time to ponder over it. I ask myself some questions…

More often than not, I can decipher my feelings quite clearly at that point in time. This process, particularly if the feelings aren’t as positive as I would like, helps me to confront the negative emotion slowly and safely (for Me).


Because art can be interpreted in so many different ways by the eye of the beholder, the story can be yours as you see it. But for me, I have untangled a few emotions and accepted the process all in the private arena of my own art world. I consider myself lucky to be able to find such a wonderful outlet for my emotions, with all its entirety.


Art-venturing around the city the other evening, I spotted graffiti everywhere. Some of it amazing, others just tagging and offensive. The amazing graffiti took my breath away…and like all art, has messages in it for the viewer to decipher. Above is a video of Banksy…love him or hate him, he has a strong message to tell and so he does with his awesome graffiti that is spotted in so many locations. Does the message make change?

On Friday, graffiti I will, but only in my journal…..stencil graffiti…letting loose…


IMG_7286Here is a full sized picture of one of my little cutie pies. Everyday, I am grateful to have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. Painting this image was an overwhelmingly loving process, taking me back to precious memories, filling my heart with love.

This painting started with a black background and then bit by bit was built upon with colour. A new challenge for me,  painting over the top of dark paints was very enjoyable and I think, gives the finished product a dramatic feel. The idea for this type of approach came from an Artist called Judy Wise. I am currently participating in her latest “Painting Faces” online tutorial\workshop.

I have been painting, drawing and crafting for many, many years now. For the last 5 or so years I have been able to focus a lot more of my time and attention on this arty passion of mine. So it was approximately 5 years ago now, that I fully embraced GOOGLE, searching around for art and stumbled upon the Blog site of Judy Wise. The moment I found her blog I instantly had that a-ha moment of “this is what I have been searching for!” Her art, journalling and vast array of techniques and diversity was enough to make my heart skip a beat with the excitement of learning from someone whom I had started to respect so much. At this point. I hadn’t attempted an online art workshop and Judy was not offering courses that I new of nor understood how to attend. Instead, I read and read and read her many years of blog posts, drinking in all that she had to offer from them. Since then, I have participated in 2 of her online courses and I own a book that she co-produced with Stephanie Lee (Plaster Studio).

I can’t pin-point what IT is that I love about her work, but I will give it a try:

Her work-both blog and art comes across to me as soulful, earthy and real. The photos of her journal pages makes me feel that she is richly connected with who she is. The journalling seems to be a big part of her and she bravely shares the journalled pages with the world. Judy seems generous, spiritual and kind and yet even though I haven’t met her, I feel like I know her…The learning that is happening for me in her latest workshop is both challenging and very rewarding, the techniques, all-inspiring. Here is a person who shares her art wisdom openly in her workshops with rich elegance and diversity.

Thanks to the internet for allowing such connections to happen and for all the learning possibilities that would have not happened otherwise. If you get an opportunity, take a look at her blog or enjoy her workshops or books…it’s worth it!!

Next week, I am getting in touch with my rogue side in an Art-venture that I can’t wait to post to you about. Until then, may your days be full of joyful moments as you create your story of your life.

Wendy xx


A few years ago I came across these words by I wrote them down because I have 2 daughters and I thought one day I would tell them this…


You are a miracle

And I have to love you this fiercely

So that you can feel it

Even after you leave for school or

even whilst you are asleep or

even after your childhood becomes another name.

You’ll forget all this when you grow up.

But it’s O.K

Being a mother means having your heart broken

and it means loving and losing and falling apart and coming back together

And it’s the best there is

And also sometimes the worst.

Sometimes you won’t have anyone to talk to

Sometimes you’ll wonder if you’ve forgotten who you are

But you must always remember this

What you are doing MATTERS!

And you have to be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs

The truth is….

Being a woman is a gift

Tenderness is a gift

Intamacy is a gift

and nurturing the good in this world is nothing short of a privelage

That’s why I have to love you this way

So I can give what I have to you

So that you can carry it in your body and pass it on.

I’ve watched you sleep

I’ve kissed you a million times

and I know something that you don’t yet…..

You are writing this story of your only life

every single minute of every day

And my greatest hope for you sweet child

Is that I can teach you how to write a good one!


On Friday, I will be posting a drawing of one of my daughters when she was approximately 2 years old. I loved drawing it and the inspiration and technique came from another admired artist. Come back Friday, take a look at my drawing and be motivated by yet another wonderful artist.


blobimals_wendywalshLast year I participated in an online workshop run by a very clever Artist by the name of: Carla Sonheim. I really enjoy her workshops and learn a lot from them and strongly encourage you to investigate into perhaps doing a short course of hers yourself. Carla teaches arty warm-up exercises to complete before you hit the blank page. Often, those exercises are playful and loose, enabling the brain to go with whatever appears on the paper without any form of expectation or outcome.


My all time favourite workshop of hers is Blobimals. Without giving too much away, you simply work with splashes of random watercolour blobs and markings. Once dry, the challenge is to turn them into an animal that you recognise in the blobby shape. The result is always quirky, child-like and funny. My blobimals are pictured above. This course was very free-ing, it challenged the imagination and created giggles along the way.


This particular approach can be a timely reminder to paint/draw/create with a happy heart. To create with wild abandon and be free like your inner child. It is my hope that you make time to embrace this approach, the results will more than please you.

Have a wonderful weekend.  My family is full of sickies at the moment, so I will be blogging on Tuesday with a very special Artventure/inspirational blog.

Wendy xx


Innerchild_wendywalshHi Everyone, apologies for my tardiness in delivering this blog post. Normally I would blog on Wednesday, I like to call it, “Inspiration Wednesday!” Anyway, I have been beavering away on yet another BIG learning curve……Did I mention the word BIG?….Yes I did! My brain is up to pussys bow with info on how to make and edit art videos for Youtube. Why you ask? Well, I and creating my very first Lulu Art Design team video and you can view it this Sunday on the Lulu Art Blog or right here, (check the panel for Youtube videos)…..very exciting…..need a glass of champagne NOW to celebrate.


Now, I wanted to chat about the inner child and the fearless state of creating art. As a child I was surrounded by very innovative female family members. My Mum, Aunties and Nanna all love/loved to create in some form or another, whether it be sewing, knitting, quilling or embroidery-CREATE-they did! What an inspiring environment. My Dad expressed his creativity by working around the house and garden creating a house with a warm and personal touch. Creating, being thrifty and self sufficient was the norm.


I loved to colour and draw. When I was 10 years of age, I entered into an art colouring-in competition and low and behold, I won a prize. My heart could have exploded with JOY-I won a prize doing something that I loved-what a reward! As an adult, we don’t need prizes, we need our positive self talk and the reward is JOY and LOVE of your passion.


After 10….somewhere along the way of growing up, a little critic came to sit on my shoulder. It would say: “Don’t create art, you have other more important things to do with your time!” or “That artwork is NOT good enough!” BLAH BLAHDY BLAH!


Why do we have an inner critic? MEH! I am not here to discuss that, I am here to tell the inner critic

….ENOUGH! “I am a good enough Artist!” “I follow my bliss!” “I make time for the things I love!” Creating=JOY and ain’t that GRAND! My artwork is growing everyday and everyday is a pleasure to practice. Cop that inner critic!!!!


Remember the joy and freedom of your inner child artist. Implement that joy into your art practice NOW. We all have an inner critic but we have a choice NOT to listen to it! Listen to your truths and honour the inner child and play with art and craft ’til your hearts content.

On Friday, I will be blogging about another Artist. She teaches a wonderful, playful way to warm up with art exercises and loosen the grip on adult art perfection. She’s pretty cool.

May Joy rule your artful heart today and forever more.

See you Friday,

Wendy x