IMG_7286Here is a full sized picture of one of my little cutie pies. Everyday, I am grateful to have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. Painting this image was an overwhelmingly loving process, taking me back to precious memories, filling my heart with love.

This painting started with a black background and then bit by bit was built upon with colour. A new challenge for me, ¬†painting over the top of dark paints was very enjoyable and I think, gives the finished product a dramatic feel. The idea for this type of approach came from an Artist called Judy Wise. I am currently participating in her latest “Painting Faces” online tutorial\workshop.

I have been painting, drawing and crafting for many, many years now. For the last 5 or so years I have been able to focus a lot more of my time and attention on this arty passion of mine. So it was approximately 5 years ago now, that I fully embraced GOOGLE, searching around for art and stumbled upon the Blog site of Judy Wise. The moment I found her blog I instantly had that a-ha moment of “this is what I have been searching for!” Her art, journalling and vast array of techniques and diversity was enough to make my heart skip a beat with the excitement of learning from someone whom I had started to respect so much. At this point. I hadn’t attempted an online art workshop and Judy was not offering courses that I new of nor understood how to attend. Instead, I read and read and read her many years of blog posts, drinking in all that she had to offer from them. Since then, I have participated in 2 of her online courses and I own a book that she co-produced with Stephanie Lee (Plaster Studio).

I can’t pin-point what IT is that I love about her work, but I will give it a try:

Her work-both blog and art comes across to me as soulful, earthy and real. The photos of her journal pages makes me feel that she is richly connected with who she is. The journalling seems to be a big part of her and she bravely shares the journalled pages with the world. Judy seems generous, spiritual and kind and yet even though I haven’t met her, I feel like I know her…The learning that is happening for me in her latest workshop is both challenging and very rewarding, the techniques, all-inspiring. Here is a person who shares her art wisdom openly in her workshops with rich elegance and diversity.

Thanks to the internet for allowing such connections to happen and for all the learning possibilities that would have not happened otherwise. If you get an opportunity, take a look at her blog or enjoy her workshops or books…it’s worth it!!

Next week, I am getting in touch with my rogue side in an Art-venture that I can’t wait to post to you about. Until then, may your days be full of joyful moments as you create your story of your life.

Wendy xx


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