The Transformative Power of Change

Innocence, Wisdom,Regeneration

I understand that embracing change promotes growth: emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Taking a grasp on growth minded thinking allows us to open up to possibilities that enhance us as individuals no matter where we are in life.

Change can be hard….sometimes gruelling and uninviting. Its difficulty could put us off the scent of a good challenge. Like a dog on the bone…we must push through the difficulty and reap the satisfying rewards. Difficulty can come in many forms and guises.Strong emotions, failure, words like “I can’t …..” procrastination, fear of…..and so on.

I have found challenges to be wonderful stepping stones to personal success. When we move from a place of innocence to wisdom we can always regenerate, rejuvenate and re-invent ourselves.

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily.Not to dare is to lose oneself…

When a seed is planted in soft, nurtured soil, it sprouts life by pushing through the darkness towards the sunlight. One day, strong winds will blow, tossing the plant backwards and forwards. Despite the force of nature, the plant survives. It continues to grow, only stronger now due to it’s previous (environmental) challenges. The roots are deeper and the stem is stronger….it is sturdy, yet flexible. It has accustomed itself to its new innocence, awaiting the light but expecting a change in weather at any given moment. It will adjust and it will grow.

How do we take courage?

1- ACTION-just do it! Motivation leads to hard work. Hard work leads to coping.

2-IMAGINE-visualise with all your senses a positive outcome of the chosen challenge.

3-RATIONAL THINKING- Whilst coping with the hard work, remember to remind yourself of what you are doing….I have courage….I am taking risks and keep using your mind as a simulator. See yourself  evolving and succeeding.

Focus on journey and destination…

Let us be grateful for the cycles that allow us to grow, change and flourish for fortune awaits those that are willing to be Bold, Brave and Innocent in the face of Love.

Let us be humble in our successes big or small and let us teach others if you know how.

I hope todays message inspires you to take on challenges that deep down you know will enrich your soul…..Do it…imagine it and know that everything will be alright.

Big Smiles

Wendy x0x



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