Wendy (Lee) Walsh is an artist residing in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Melbourne, Australia. She works from her studio at home surrounded and inspired by nature.

She is a prolific artist, working with acrylics, water-colour, collage and mixed media. Her work ranges from whimsy to quirky, contemplative to humorous. She loves nothing more than going out on an ART-VENTURE, feeding her creative spirit and producing the artwork that liberates her soul. She paints with a HAPPY heart, in the hope that her artwork transfers the same emotion to the viewer.

Wendy sells her artwork in her shop on this site, on Etsy and in retail . She sells both original artwork and fine art digital prints. The reproductions of her artwork are professionally printed on Archival paper, made to endure over time.

Wendy is currently a  member of the Lulu art design team.

Wendy is the organiser behind the ‘Art on Envelope Swap’, with which creative participants from all around the world post a personalised ‘arty’ envelope, via mail to an organised buddy. This is such a FUN swap, encouraging people to create, give and receive, all for the cost of a stamp.

It is her hope that this site empowers, inspires and entertains those that love to CREATE.

Thank you.


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