Symbols and art


I love the use of symbols in art. A picture that tells a story. I work a lot in a handmade mixed media journal, one that I have made with love and consideration. Often, I want to write down the words that help me decipher my own emotions but end up telling the story in my artwork. Often symbols will come to me, and in this case the origami crane was dominant in my mind, so I went with it. My art has a mind of its own and its at this point that I let it dominate and surrender to it.


Once I have finished a piece of art completely, I take time to ponder over it. I ask myself some questions…

More often than not, I can decipher my feelings quite clearly at that point in time. This process, particularly if the feelings aren’t as positive as I would like, helps me to confront the negative emotion slowly and safely (for Me).


Because art can be interpreted in so many different ways by the eye of the beholder, the story can be yours as you see it. But for me, I have untangled a few emotions and accepted the process all in the private arena of my own art world. I consider myself lucky to be able to find such a wonderful outlet for my emotions, with all its entirety.


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