blobimals_wendywalshLast year I participated in an online workshop run by a very clever Artist by the name of: Carla Sonheim. I really enjoy her workshops and learn a lot from them and strongly encourage you to investigate into perhaps doing a short course of hers yourself. Carla teaches arty warm-up exercises to complete before you hit the blank page. Often, those exercises are playful and loose, enabling the brain to go with whatever appears on the paper without any form of expectation or outcome.


My all time favourite workshop of hers is Blobimals. Without giving too much away, you simply work with splashes of random watercolour blobs and markings. Once dry, the challenge is to turn them into an animal that you recognise in the blobby shape. The result is always quirky, child-like and funny. My blobimals are pictured above. This course was very free-ing, it challenged the imagination and created giggles along the way.


This particular approach can be a timely reminder to paint/draw/create with a happy heart. To create with wild abandon and be free like your inner child. It is my hope that you make time to embrace this approach, the results will more than please you.

Have a wonderful weekend.  My family is full of sickies at the moment, so I will be blogging on Tuesday with a very special Artventure/inspirational blog.

Wendy xx


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