IMG_7248….we used to laugh a lot….


Last week I was invited by my sons’ Art teacher to help out the Primary School with an outdoor Art Project. I was so chuffed and excited and a little nervous all at the same time. Basically, I am painting a river scene on planks of marine ply wood. This wood will be attached to a plantar box that surrounds a large and magnificent gum tree, all located near the Art room. The year 5 children have made out of clay, little crocodiles, all individually glazed. Each crocodile will be stuck to the painted wood, appearing like they are swimming in a vibrant river current. A whimsical mumma crocodile will be painted on one corner, casting an eye over her babies. It will be very whimsy and bright. My heart is full of gratefulness for it is such a privilege to contribute to the school environment and hopefully bring years of pleasure to the eye of the children and their imaginations…splashing an ordinary school day with a bit of colour and joy.


Walking into the Art classroom with all its familiar smells of all things artful, made me feel right at home. Small children busied themselves by gleefully finishing of little art projects whilst curiously asking me lots of questions. Such a lovely inspirational environment to work in. I busied myself painting a beautiful swirling river current in bold, bright colors, getting it all ready for the baby croc’s.


I took a good look at the pottery crocodiles that the children had made and glazed.WOW and DOUBLE WOW!!!! I was blown away at the talent and skills of what these children had produced. They were so varied in shape, colour, size and general looks, all of them uniquely awesome, BRILLIANT in fact! I would have easily bought a few if they were up for sale.


All of this experience or should I say ART-VENTURE, reminded me about what it felt like to create when I was a child. Oh the joy! That sense of real freedom and no inner critic disturbing the peace. It has prompted me to think and write about the joys of painting like a child again-with wild abandon and how to implement this into my life as an adult.

See you here on Wednesday, make sure you have your inner child seated with you and lets get in touch with the freedom that inner child has to offer.

Thanks, Wendy xx



cherrryblossum_wendywalshSOLD Following my last post on my crazy love for trees, I revved myself up so much that I jumped into drawing a sketch straight away, which eventually morphed into this painting. I used everything from collage to acrylic paint, pencils, chalk and charcoal.

Cherry blossoms are a particular love of mine and painting this was such a wonderfully happy process. It just goes to show that when you paint something that you love it loves you back, no matter what.

The above image is painted on a wooden panel/canvas and is ready for hanging…nice. Painting on wood was a new experience for me – it was very smooth  and lush to work with and I love the fact that its woody-ness marrys’ my TREE love.

I have had the most SPECIAL Art-venture this week and feel very privelaged. Stay tuned and on Monday I will update you on all the deets.


Pop into my SHOP found above on the panel, because this original painting is up FOR SALE. The 1st person to email me to purchase, will get it. Good luck.


treeblog_wendywalsh……and the flowers and the TREES and the moon up above….and this thing called LOVE. Oh no, not love of a human or animal, I’m talking about the love of something that cannot effectively give love back in return. You know? that CRAZY LOVE, like the love of paper or stamps or the smell of paint. This is the LOVE that I want to chat about.

*All you need is Love

*Love Love Love

*Love lifts us up where we belong

* And IIII-eee-IIII will always Love you-ooo-ooo

*You can’t hurry Love, no you just have to wait …

Ok, that’s enough singing. I sing when I am happy, especially when I am creating something Arty.


I, Wendy Walsh, CRAZY LOVE trees!!! There, I said it! Yes I have hugged many trees. Now on a more serious note, I receive a lot of inspiration from trees and they pop up often in my artwork. Cherry blossoms, Australian Eucalypts, Willow trees by the waters’ edge and Cypress trees clustered together are just a few examples of the many trees that I love. There is more to mention but I am sure you don’t have all day!!


-They remind me to stay grounded yet remain flexible in difficult/stormy situations.

-Trees that are seasonal (deciduous), allow me to observe the cycle of life and understand that everything (including our moods) has a beginning, middle and end.

-Trees sustain our breath and constantly provide beauty and awe.

-They protect and nourish the little things in life.

-Trees provide shade; a place to perch yourself on a chair with a friend and chat.

-Its trunk entices us to scratch in the name of our first love, after the first kiss; engraved forever ’til the test of time.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.


For inspiration this week, why don’t you write down 10 things you have a CRAZY LOVE for. Explain to yourself why and the meaning it has to you. No-one needs to read this but you. Let this inspiration get your creative juices going. Grab whatever medium you love to use and go for it…love the process to completion.


I have purchased a wooden art panel/canvas to work on this week. I have not worked on this type of substrate before, so a first for me. Yes, trees will be my inspiration. On Friday, come visit here and view what I have painted along with reading about the journey with my artwork.

I love it when you comment. Please type in your name and have a chat with me…that would be so cool!

Thanks, Wendy xx

Pulling the plug out on that creative block.



After several hair pulling moments between the computer, myself and my sharp learning curve of all things bloggy-The urge to resuscitate my brain soon took over. Nature…I NEED Nature! A date with something outdoorish is required for medicinal reasons or I may hit the news headlines: “Hysterical woman throws her computer out of her studio window, disrupting a quiet community in the Yarra Ranges. ” Ugh…frustration blocking my creative flow?….ummm…yes..CURE?


Quick! Must visit Alowyn Gardens. These rejuvinating gardens are situated in the Yarra Valley-close to the township of Yarra Glen, Melbourne,Australia. It is amazing; currently it boasts 6 acres of beautifully manicured gardens. Within the gardens are what I call different rooms of completely different styles and themes. There was Edible to Birch forests to children’s gardens etc. My favourite…A huge paddock full of Sunflowers. With blue skies above and bright yellow bloom, it was truly a moment of “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” (thanks John Denver). This place is special!


Why?   Because I transformed my mood from one of frustration to appreciation and gratefulness of what is. Nature is very rejuvenating. Now, what was I whinging about with all that computer stuff? Never mind…who cares…because I am now feeling like a hippie with flowers in my hair.

Nature…you truly breathe life into me…Thank you.

What unblocks you? How do you refresh yourself and get those creative juices flowing again?

Tune in to Inspiration Wednesday, it will require a bikky and a cuppa and a moment of contemplation.

See you then, Wendy xx

Starry, Starry Night

Well, well, well……Didn’t I put up an almighty challenge for myself…..Oh yes indeed! However I do love a good challenge. I tried to incorporate and create Van Goghs’ starry, starry night artwork and paint it into my own artwork. After … Continue reading

Vincent Van Gogh-The Tribute

Don McLean, an American singer-songwriter wrote “Vincent”, also known as “Starry Starry Night” as a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, the deceased and now famous Dutch painter. It’s a beautiful song, representing an astounding Artist with the video presenting some of his beautiful body of work.
Van Gogh lived an unfortunate troubled life, yet his artwork is legendary, having a massive impact on the world today.
What I love about his art is the beautiful depth of colour and the complex feelings it impresses on me. He so eloquently captures emotion and movement, pulling you into his paintings and immersing you into the subject matter. The composition, light and shade all pulls together and it leaves the viewer amazed, moved and full of the desire to story-tell the image in the imagination.
Van Gogh’s art inspires me so much; the love of his brush strokes and the ease of colour value, ignites my arty brain and has motivated me today to sketch and start to paint my own tribute for this famous Artist, that is legendary to so many, yet touches the soul of what feels like one.
On Friday I will show you in my own style, “Starry Starry night”, my tribute to a truly great Artist…Vincent Van Gogh.
Who inspires you and why? Is it their artwork or their story? Let them into your heart and help to inspire you today….see what evolves from this inspiration and slowly let them work through you with whatever you chose to create. Enjoy the experience, love the journey and the outcome will always love you back.