Innerchild_wendywalshHi Everyone, apologies for my tardiness in delivering this blog post. Normally I would blog on Wednesday, I like to call it, “Inspiration Wednesday!” Anyway, I have been beavering away on yet another BIG learning curve……Did I mention the word BIG?….Yes I did! My brain is up to pussys bow with info on how to make and edit art videos for Youtube. Why you ask? Well, I and creating my very first Lulu Art Design team video and you can view it this Sunday on the Lulu Art Blog or right here, (check the panel for Youtube videos)…..very exciting…..need a glass of champagne NOW to celebrate.


Now, I wanted to chat about the inner child and the fearless state of creating art. As a child I was surrounded by very innovative female family members. My Mum, Aunties and Nanna all love/loved to create in some form or another, whether it be sewing, knitting, quilling or embroidery-CREATE-they did! What an inspiring environment. My Dad expressed his creativity by working around the house and garden creating a house with a warm and personal touch. Creating, being thrifty and self sufficient was the norm.


I loved to colour and draw. When I was 10 years of age, I entered into an art colouring-in competition and low and behold, I won a prize. My heart could have exploded with JOY-I won a prize doing something that I loved-what a reward! As an adult, we don’t need prizes, we need our positive self talk and the reward is JOY and LOVE of your passion.


After 10….somewhere along the way of growing up, a little critic came to sit on my shoulder. It would say: “Don’t create art, you have other more important things to do with your time!” or “That artwork is NOT good enough!” BLAH BLAHDY BLAH!


Why do we have an inner critic? MEH! I am not here to discuss that, I am here to tell the inner critic

….ENOUGH! “I am a good enough Artist!” “I follow my bliss!” “I make time for the things I love!” Creating=JOY and ain’t that GRAND! My artwork is growing everyday and everyday is a pleasure to practice. Cop that inner critic!!!!


Remember the joy and freedom of your inner child artist. Implement that joy into your art practice NOW. We all have an inner critic but we have a choice NOT to listen to it! Listen to your truths and honour the inner child and play with art and craft ’til your hearts content.

On Friday, I will be blogging about another Artist. She teaches a wonderful, playful way to warm up with art exercises and loosen the grip on adult art perfection. She’s pretty cool.

May Joy rule your artful heart today and forever more.

See you Friday,

Wendy x


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