IMG_7248….we used to laugh a lot….


Last week I was invited by my sons’ Art teacher to help out the Primary School with an outdoor Art Project. I was so chuffed and excited and a little nervous all at the same time. Basically, I am painting a river scene on planks of marine ply wood. This wood will be attached to a plantar box that surrounds a large and magnificent gum tree, all located near the Art room. The year 5 children have made out of clay, little crocodiles, all individually glazed. Each crocodile will be stuck to the painted wood, appearing like they are swimming in a vibrant river current. A whimsical mumma crocodile will be painted on one corner, casting an eye over her babies. It will be very whimsy and bright. My heart is full of gratefulness for it is such a privilege to contribute to the school environment and hopefully bring years of pleasure to the eye of the children and their imaginations…splashing an ordinary school day with a bit of colour and joy.


Walking into the Art classroom with all its familiar smells of all things artful, made me feel right at home. Small children busied themselves by gleefully finishing of little art projects whilst curiously asking me lots of questions. Such a lovely inspirational environment to work in. I busied myself painting a beautiful swirling river current in bold, bright colors, getting it all ready for the baby croc’s.


I took a good look at the pottery crocodiles that the children had made and glazed.WOW and DOUBLE WOW!!!! I was blown away at the talent and skills of what these children had produced. They were so varied in shape, colour, size and general looks, all of them uniquely awesome, BRILLIANT in fact! I would have easily bought a few if they were up for sale.


All of this experience or should I say ART-VENTURE, reminded me about what it felt like to create when I was a child. Oh the joy! That sense of real freedom and no inner critic disturbing the peace. It has prompted me to think and write about the joys of painting like a child again-with wild abandon and how to implement this into my life as an adult.

See you here on Wednesday, make sure you have your inner child seated with you and lets get in touch with the freedom that inner child has to offer.

Thanks, Wendy xx


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