cherrryblossum_wendywalshSOLD Following my last post on my crazy love for trees, I revved myself up so much that I jumped into drawing a sketch straight away, which eventually morphed into this painting. I used everything from collage to acrylic paint, pencils, chalk and charcoal.

Cherry blossoms are a particular love of mine and painting this was such a wonderfully happy process. It just goes to show that when you paint something that you love it loves you back, no matter what.

The above image is painted on a wooden panel/canvas and is ready for hanging…nice. Painting on wood was a new experience for me – it was very smooth  and lush to work with and I love the fact that its woody-ness marrys’ my TREE love.

I have had the most SPECIAL Art-venture this week and feel very privelaged. Stay tuned and on Monday I will update you on all the deets.


Pop into my SHOP found above on the panel, because this original painting is up FOR SALE. The 1st person to email me to purchase, will get it. Good luck.


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