Pulling the plug out on that creative block.



After several hair pulling moments between the computer, myself and my sharp learning curve of all things bloggy-The urge to resuscitate my brain soon took over. Nature…I NEED Nature! A date with something outdoorish is required for medicinal reasons or I may hit the news headlines: “Hysterical woman throws her computer out of her studio window, disrupting a quiet community in the Yarra Ranges. ” Ugh…frustration blocking my creative flow?….ummm…yes..CURE?


Quick! Must visit Alowyn Gardens. These rejuvinating gardens are situated in the Yarra Valley-close to the township of Yarra Glen, Melbourne,Australia. It is amazing; currently it boasts 6 acres of beautifully manicured gardens. Within the gardens are what I call different rooms of completely different styles and themes. There was Edible to Birch forests to children’s gardens etc. My favourite…A huge paddock full of Sunflowers. With blue skies above and bright yellow bloom, it was truly a moment of “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” (thanks John Denver). This place is special!


Why?   Because I transformed my mood from one of frustration to appreciation and gratefulness of what is. Nature is very rejuvenating. Now, what was I whinging about with all that computer stuff? Never mind…who cares…because I am now feeling like a hippie with flowers in my hair.

Nature…you truly breathe life into me…Thank you.

What unblocks you? How do you refresh yourself and get those creative juices flowing again?

Tune in to Inspiration Wednesday, it will require a bikky and a cuppa and a moment of contemplation.

See you then, Wendy xx


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