Starry, Starry Night

Starry, Starry Night

Well, well, well……Didn’t I put up an almighty challenge for myself…..Oh yes indeed! However I do love a good challenge. I tried to incorporate and create Van Goghs’ starry, starry night artwork and paint it into my own artwork. After some persistence with the small brushstrokes, I ended up very happy with the outcome…phew.
This artwork started off in my minds’ eye as having white and silver twinkling stars in her hair. The entire image was going to be in a basic palette of white, gray and black with a touch of pink……oh how I went off course. It always is the way with me. I…
1: Have an image in my mind of something I would like to draw.
2: Sketch what’s in my mind onto paper until I’m happy with the outcome.
3: I paint it completely DIFFERENT to what I first intend….
4: I love the journey.
When I go to paint the sketch, (all full of great ideas), something else seems to take over and control the outcome. I call this my CREATIVE SPIRIT-(may need to give it a name one day..hehe). Anyway, it loves to take over, bust up my initial ideas and take a few arty risks, splashing colour and mixed media here and there. I LOVE it, it is one of the reasons why I create. I Love meeting up with my creative spirit, it’s my friend….life is so exciting when IT comes to visit.
Do you get into that creative zone? Do you listen to the creative spirit when it calls? If not, learn to stop the business of life and tune into your creativity, pick up some art supplies, harness the creative energy and SOAR.
I have been on a little Art-venture today. It was beautiful, tranquil and VERY inspiring. I will update you on Monday with all the adventurous details..
This image will soon be up for sale as a Fine Art Reproduction Print.It will be available in the shop link on the menu bar. I have also added a product review if you would like to take a look.
I love it when people comment, so please feel free to comment on this post and why not subscribe to this blog as well.
Enjoy your weekend
Love Wendy x


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