Vincent Van Gogh-The Tribute

Don McLean, an American singer-songwriter wrote “Vincent”, also known as “Starry Starry Night” as a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, the deceased and now famous Dutch painter. It’s a beautiful song, representing an astounding Artist with the video presenting some of his beautiful body of work.
Van Gogh lived an unfortunate troubled life, yet his artwork is legendary, having a massive impact on the world today.
What I love about his art is the beautiful depth of colour and the complex feelings it impresses on me. He so eloquently captures emotion and movement, pulling you into his paintings and immersing you into the subject matter. The composition, light and shade all pulls together and it leaves the viewer amazed, moved and full of the desire to story-tell the image in the imagination.
Van Gogh’s art inspires me so much; the love of his brush strokes and the ease of colour value, ignites my arty brain and has motivated me today to sketch and start to paint my own tribute for this famous Artist, that is legendary to so many, yet touches the soul of what feels like one.
On Friday I will show you in my own style, “Starry Starry night”, my tribute to a truly great Artist…Vincent Van Gogh.
Who inspires you and why? Is it their artwork or their story? Let them into your heart and help to inspire you today….see what evolves from this inspiration and slowly let them work through you with whatever you chose to create. Enjoy the experience, love the journey and the outcome will always love you back.


6 thoughts on “Vincent Van Gogh-The Tribute

  1. I fell in love with Vince when I was about 20. Read all his letters and still love his painting. Don Mclean’s song is a great tribute!

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